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How quartz sand pools are made?

Publicado por Exclusive Pools | 14 - April - 2014 | Blog | No hay comentarios

The concept of building sand pools is a revolutionary model pool which also has aesthetically beautiful results. They are ideal for hotels or private homes and construction can be adapted to all kinds of design, depth and size. But here’s the question: how pools are made ​​of sand?

After calculating the space defined design that will take the pool, and contracted professionals who help in construction can be started with the excavation and then the installation of the partition, which will form the first pool. Then the pre-installation of equipment.

At this point about how sand pools are made ​​, you have to have good pools sand coverings . They should have high quality as their functions are filtering dirt and prevent water from leaking. This is also the basis of what we stand in a pool, covering cement and giving form to the pool. In Premix Marbletite we have a number of coatings for sand pools with different finishes to be an important role in the construction of the pool.

The rest are reinforcing layers and so ensure the stability of the sand pit . The process of building the sand pit and the answer to the question of how sand pools are made, but it requires quality materials. To do this, count on us.


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