Design and construction of pools Arena

Diseño y Construcción de Piscinas de Arena - Premix Marbletite

There are many advantages that entails to have a sand swimming Pool, including:

  • A great visual impact in your garden through finishing with granulated quartz.
  • Custom design; make your pool the beach of your dreams.
  • Short-term construction.
  • Fast curing time.
  • Economical price compared to traditional pools.
  • Patented technology internationally.

Some common questions that arise when it comes to sand swimming pools are:

Why bet on quartz sand pools?

First, the wide ability to design your own pool. Along to have a different garden, where it will be desirable even in times of no swimming season. Who does not enjoy a beach trough all year?

Do you support pools of quartz sand of high temperature?

It is improving bathing in pools of quartz sand if we compared with the traditional pool, providing a small increase in water temperature, making a pleasant swim even in the cooler seasons.

It is a better experience swimming in pools.

You want to have your own beach in the garden? In Premix Marbletite, we put you in touch with your provider quartz closest pools. We provide materials and have an exclusive pool with sand.

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    May 05, 2014


    May 05, 2014


    May 05, 2014