Extends life and enhances the beauty of your yard with the system of durable and stylish finish concrete DECKcorative.

Easily transform ordinary concrete into a work of art that you will enjoy many years.

The concrete finish DECKorative not only beautifies your outdoor areas offer many additional advantages:

  • Colder than concrete.
  • Slip surface.
  • Easy application and blending.
  • Fast curing time.
  • Washable with water.
  • Highly durable finish hardness.
  • Variety of colors.

The system DECKorative finishing concrete can be used to convert any surface or sad unsightly concrete in a dazzling design.

This lasting formulation can be used to protect and improve cement patios, pool decks, sidewalks and driveways.

Complements its outdoor spaces, improving their design and their living space becomes a dream. Imagine the possibilities.

The best advantage of these beautiful finishes is the ease of maintenance . Resistant to stains and mold, simple garden hose household cleaner and keep their surfaces as new.



  • deckote

    The unique and durable surface coating 100% acrylic that can be used to protect and decorate concrete patios, pool decks, walkways and driveways. It can be applied to concrete surfaces new and existing as an independent application or systems used in DECKrete or DECKtex to form a colorful tough, durable finish. DECKote can be applied by brush, roller or spray application. With 12 designer colors to choose from.

    • blanco-polar
      PM 400
      Polar White
    • blanco-pearl
      PM 401
      Pearl White
    • blanco-sombra
      PM 402
      Shadow White
    • linnen
      PM 403
    • jute
      PM 404
    • harvest
      PM 405
    • hilltop
      PM 410
    • mushroom
      PM 416
    • beach
      PM 418
    • platinum
      PM 421
    • platinum
      PM 422
      Powder Grey
    • powder
      PM 423


  • DECKtex is a 2-component system is offered as a package consisting of three bags of dry mix and a bucket of liquid resin. DECKtex is acrylic-based coating for indoor and outdoor application. Simply mix the two components and apply to surfaces previously prepared new or existing concrete. Use DECKote as color coating finish for a dazzling effect.
    • img-061105
      Mezcla seca
    • deckote
      Resina líquida


  • img-061105
    Topcoat is specially formulated for use on patios and pool decks. Topcoat provides a durable, attractive, cool surface that is wear resistant and can be colored using DECKote.