Sand pool products

Productos para piscinas de arena - Piscina de arena Cuarzo

A sandy pool has become a regular feature in various entertainment establishments, homes, hotels … It is increasingly resorts to this new type of swimming pools and so on Premix Marbletite also work sand pool products . If you have hired a team of professionals for the construction of the pool, opt for our materials to help you make this element under the highest quality raw material.

In this sense, within the sand pool products with what we have, are the pavements, with different coatings and colors that facilitate the work and awarded an aesthetic finish to the concrete. Thus, they may also be grounds for mixing, adhesive bonding and other key elements in building a pool.

Maintenance and cleaning is very similar to a pool, but it is important to know and decide on quality products. So in Premix we work Marbletite sand pool products that ensure a lasting result and aesthetically adapted to the design, with the resulting satisfaction for a customer who certainly appreciate having had our work.